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Happy customers

"I have been training with Tommie for 15 years. What makes him so special is that he shows compassionate concern for my physical well being. He always modifies my workouts based on my needs at the time. He is a professional trainer with many years of experience and always has his clients best interests as his primary concern."

— Ken R.

"My experiences with Body by TOMMIE have always been stellar. He is professional and understands how to get results! If you need a trainer to get back in shape or get prepped for a contest, then Tommie is definitely your guy!"

— Annette M.

"I have been with this facility for over two years. I have overcome many health issues and gotten very strong, even at 57 years old. My endurance has improved. I have lost 15 inches and dropped 4 sizes. All the guy trainers are very good. They are knowledgeable and provide encouragement throughout the workout. This is something I do just for me and I'll continue until my goals are met."

— Sue P.

"I used to go to a chain..and never really saw results. The day I walked in and began working out with Tommie Allen, the owner, was life changing. I look great..and just as important feel great. I avoided knee surgery..went from a 12/14 to a 4/6..and have never been as healthy. he molds the workout to fit the person. What more can I say!"

— Anna U.

"One on One personal Fitness studio is a great place to workout at. They offer personal trainers that are great and very encouraging. They will help you with all your physical goals and what you'd like to achieve. They will pace you to where you can adjust if your new. I really liked the personal service they offer. They are great!"

— Myko H.

"Tommie Allen is an awesome personal trainer. I loved that he mixed interval, high intensity training with strength building and toning. My body never looked better than it did when I worked out with Tommie - especially my abs! :)" — Jenna R.

— Anna U.

"I have been training at One On One for a year now. I initially started to get in shape for my wedding and now I go to maintain my overall strength and to stay in shape. I have always had a good experience here. All clients workout one on one with their trainer. I really enjoy that and like having that personal attention. Unlike the big gyms (this place is small, but well equipped) there aren't a million people watching you workout. I like the atmosphere and the trainers are great."

— Jennifer T.

"Tommie Allen is my trainer at One on One, and is the best trainer you can get. He always makes the workouts different so I am never bored with the routine... I have noticed a big difference in how I look and feel during this last year. If you do what he says, I can guarantee you, you WILL accomplish your goal with his help!"

— Marie A.